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WoW Women was created as a ministry of 'The Mission Church Beechboro' for women to come in fellowship to a group on Wednesday mornings, hence 'WoW'; Women on Wednesday. It was started by Robyn Jones, a mother of two boys, who wanted to share what God was putting on her heart and make a space for women fellowship. Yet, since its creation, WoW has evolved into not just a small group on Wednesday, but also a group virtually on Thursday, an annual conference, an online group, and an online space for resources to grow your faith. WoW now has a team of women who are committed to sharing God's vision and purpose for this group. May you grow in Christ, and find support here in your hardships, good times, and achievements. Here you will find free devotions and resources, as well as a space to discuss your thoughts with other women. 

We have Facebook groups to stay in touch, including our main page. We also have private groups for support or mailing lists for further support (click the buttons below to see more information).

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