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Joy to the World

As November drifts closer to December each year, the world seems to speed up and the feeling of ‘Rush’ surrounds us. Work is busier, shops are busier, the calendar gets filled with celebrations, obligations, and events. As the busy get busier, the moods get surlier, more impatient, and grumpier. Does it have to be this way? Life moves so fast. We lose the moments in the mayhem, and the moments matter.

The Moments matter in our day. Focus this year, not on the annoying, the grumpy and the inconsiderate moments and people around us, but on the blessings, the uplifting and the kindness. This world is dying one soul at a time. How can we change that? How can we be the change to bring life? We can’t in our power, but we can in God’s. Through what Jesus did for us. Not through our sacrifice, but Christ’s.

Our lives are reflections of our hearts and spirit. We are called to be Christ’s ambassadors, to follow in the footsteps of love. What is your life reflecting?

Is there a way this year that we could be contributing something other than negativity into our circles of influence? Is there a way that we could be spreading the positive in the moments, planting seeds of kindness, love and joy? How can we be joyful? The world is seeking Joy. That is what all the excitement and adrenaline rush activities are after. That moment of exhilaration that comes right after the event. The moment of joy. What a feeling! Yet, after a short time, it’s gone again, replaced once again with the mundane and the ordinary. This source of joy is fleeting, short lived and over far too quick. Yet the true source of joy is ours, if we seek to live in it.

Joy comes from the Lord. It isn’t temporary or fleeting. It isn’t dependent on outside experiences. Joy comes internally from within us, as Christ resides in us. Joy is so much more than a moment of exhilaration. It bubbles out of us when we share what we are passionate about, when we share Christ’s love with others, in whatever way that is.

How can we be the bubble of joy to our families, friends, and co-workers at this busy time of year? What moments will you make matter this week?

For Discussion

How can we share joy to our neighbours, and the people behind us or in front of us line at the shops?

What opportunities do we have in our day to be a blessing this week, this month?

What moments of kindness can you give, what snippets of selflessness or small steps of love can you share this year?

Christ in us needs to be more than singing some worship songs on a Sunday. How is Christ in you this Christmas season?

Further Reading

Romans 12:9-13 Romans 12:20-21 Matthew 15:17-20

Matthew 19:17-19, 21

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